Australia’s Best Migration Service : SCA Connect

For many years SCA Connect has been providing migration services to people all over the world, They’re known to be one of the most well-known and reliable migration agency of Australia, Due to their fast processing speed, simple procedures and the guidance they provide step by step to solve problems. There are various migrating services they offer such as :   Skill Shortage Visa (subclass 482) :  Skill shortage visa is available when an employer wishes to sponsor a foreign employee temporarily if they cannot find an Australia with the required skill set, The usual span of this sponsorship lasts from 2-4 years. Usually, in order to approve this visa you need to have the required skill standard set by the employer and working experience, Possessing fluency in English language and other requirements such as health and character in order to be approved for 482 visa migration agent in Perth.  ENS (subclass 186) :  This visa is known as Employer Nomination Scheme , This stream is available if your employer agrees to sponsor you permanently, The eligibility criteria for this visa may be fulfilled if you have been previously nominated for TSS and have 3-4 years of working experience with your employer, Then you may be nominated for Employer Nomination Scheme as a 186 Visa Agent.  Parent Visa Migration :  This may be a long process however, If the requirements are met children may be able to call their overseas parents permanently to Australia, The eligibility criteria for Parent Visa Migration is if more than half of the children are permanent residents of Australia  and has been living there for more than 2 years or a local New Zealander, and you meet the character/health requirements required by the agency.    Partner Australian Visa :   In order to meet the criteria for Partner Visa Migration Agent you need to be engaged, married or in a genuine domestic relationship, This also includes same-sex couples, Partner visa migration agent in Perth is strictly verified by the agency so it requires evidence. Furthermore, this may also include living arrangements your partner can provide you in Australia and their financial standings as well as the overseas partner must meet the health and character requirements set by the migration agency. migrate-australia


Skill Basis Visa (subclass 190) :    There are a variety of eligibility criteria’s which need to be met before an overseas citizen can be approved as a 190 Visa Migration Agent.   

  • Required skill assessment demanded by the employers 
  • Clearing the aptitude test with the required marks which are 65 or more. 
  • The age restriction to apply for this Visa is 45 or below at the time when applied. 
  • Meeting the health standard set by the agency. 
  • Possessing a good character. 
  • Having no debts towards the Australian Government. 

 SCA Connect has always been commited and have reshaping the lives of thousands of people, we are highly committed to our work and our agency gives their all to provide total co-operation to the immigrants, So if you believe you qualify for any of the above-mentioned program then contact us today and get closer to turning your dreams into a reality. 

Travel Goals: A Great Family Bonding 

The family that you have in this life time is the only thing that should matter. When you already have a family, make sure that you spend a lot of time building that relationship and take advantage of the time that you have with your kids because time easily passes by without even knowing it, and you will eventually find yourself sending your kids to college or walking your daughter down the aisle. Travelling to places with your family is one of the best things to enjoy your time with your family, the bonding moment with them is just utmost happiness. 

Where to stay Whenever me and my family would go out on a vacation, I personally prefer to stay in a place where it would really feel like a home, so whenever I book a trip, I would also look out for cottage accommodation in Mornington peninsula because it really gives me and my family a huge place as well as be able to provide that added privacy and a rustic home environment that the kids will definitely love. It will also be a good idea to stay in this kind of accommodation for larger groups. If there are places that does not offer a good cottage, then I would just look for This has always been our second option whenever we go on a trip since it can provide us with all the amenities and necessities that a hotel would usually offer. Hotels are great if the place of vacation is located within the city, so you can just walk anywhere that you want to go to in the city.  

Look for activities Going on an adventure with your family should be filled with pure bliss! Do your research as to what you could do around the place where you are heading at that your kids will surely love to do. For instance, if you are going to a beach then you could bring some of the materials along with or rent out anything that the place has to offer. Just be engaging and do all the fun activities that will make everyone enjoy and laugh, and has something to talk about right after. When going on a trip, the only thing that matters for your family is having the best time of their lives. It is all about having that great bonding experience and enjoying the rest of your life with your family that will make it worthwhile. Just have fun, do everything that you can to provide to your family a great vacation, and go home satisified of the fact that everyone really had a blast. Happiness is a choice, and making your family happy is the best choice to make. holiday-package